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It is a reality that computers play an important role in any small business or church environment. The capabilities they give us can be very valuable to an organization. However, with their capabilities come many challenges. These challenges can result in lost time, lost data, or burdening employees with resolving tasks they weren't really hired to do. Many larger organizations hire full time professionals to address their information technology needs. This can be very costly and usually does not fit into the budgets of smaller organizations. At iHs Creative Solutions LLC we feel we can provide you with answers to these challenges at a fair and affordable price. Please ask yourself the following questions then contact us for an appointment:

Can my organization benefit from having information available via the internet?
The number of people who use the internet to look for products, services, or information continues to increase rapidly. It is a benefit for any company or church to have information about itself residing on the world wide web. The number of ways to accomplish this are astronomical, some are good and some are not. We are constantly researching the best methods for developing and maintaining a web site economically and can offer you many innovative solutions through our web site services.
Am I overwhelmed with keeping my computer equipment functioning properly?
Unfortunately, from time to time, computers do experience problems and when they do they can cost you time that could otherwise be spent making your business or ministry more productive. If you are located in the Indianapolis area we can provide you with prompt and professional computer services to bring any present problems to resolution and to reduce the number of future problems.
Would I like to create a powerpoint or video presentation but I just don't have the time or technical expertise available to accomplish this? Or am I organizing a seminar and seek the comfort of knowing technical expertise is available to help?
Powerpoint presentations have always been an effective way to market your ideas to your customers, promote events, or show appreciation to volunteers. Videos are fast becoming an even more powerful tool and can also be used to enhance your web site. The problem is they do take time and expertise to create. We have the expertise and offer many imaginative and artistic ideas on how you can use media presentations. We have a special department we call rosiecat productions which is dedicated to taking pictures you have and turning them into videos for special events such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, thanking volunteers, etc. We can provide you with these presentation services no matter where you live, but if you live in the Indianapolis area we can also provide you with the peace of mind of having a technical expert available at any seminars you may be giving to make sure any technical glitches can be handled quickly and effectively.
Is your organization looking for an affiliate for your affiliate marketing program?
If you sell products online and have an established affiliate program looking for qualified affiliates to market your products then we can provide affiliate marketing services. If you wish to become an affiliate marketer then we can provide some valuable guidance and direction to help you get started.