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My name is Bob Rahke and my wife, Diane, and I started iHs Creative Solutions LLC because we both have a passion for helping churches and small businesses who need to use computer equipment on a daily basis and who would like to take advantage of computer technology to reach the members of their congregations or their customers but lack the time, technical expertise or budget to do so. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and strive to keep God as my number one priority in my life. Therefore, we make it a priority in our small business to be Christ-centered, which means you can count on us for integrity and quality in the services we provide. I have over 30 years experience in the computer technology field and provide the technical expertise for our company.

ihs Christian Fish symbol

Diane Rahke

My name is Diane Rahke and Jesus Christ is also my Lord and Savior. I share with Bob a goal to keep God number one in our lives. One of the gifts He has blessed me with is a gift for creativity which I have used for over 10 years serving as a Christian pre-school teacher and in Children's ministry. I enjoy being able to apply my gift of creativity to producing powerpoint and video presentations to enhance the way your church or small business reaches out to your members or customers. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss how we could serve you in this way through our presentation services. He has also blessed me with an ability to take your collection of photos and videos and combine them in an artistic and creative way to create videos for special occasions or just simply for special memories. You can find out more on our rosiecat productions page.