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Our Presentation Services Can Provide the Technical Expertise You Need For A Quality Presentation

If your organization has a need for a power point presentation or a video presentation but lacks the technical expertise or the time to create one then we can be of service to you. Check out the list below of some of the services we can provide to you. If you have something in mind that you don't see on the list don't hesitate to contact us and ask us about it.

Sample of Presentation Services Offered

  • We can take your data and images and arrange them in a microsoft powerpoint presentation that has a professional appearance. If you would like to step it up a notch and add background music to the presentation we can do that also.
  • We can take the same data, images and video and combine them all together into a creative video presentation that can be placed on a DVD or published on a website. We have a special department called rosiecat productions which specializes in creating both business and personal videos.
  • We can assist you in capturing new images or videos from any special events you may have that you would like to include in a presentation if those events take place in the Indianapolis area.
  • We can provide you with the comfort of a having a technical expert available to assist you with the technical details of any seminars you may be hosting in the Indianapolis area and providing on-site support for any glitches that may arise during the seminar.